Stargazing on Vacation

As the sun sets the sky begins to grow
The blooms of far off star shine
A few at first
Then little by little
In slow, deliberate steps
The sky flowers glisten in full glory
Overtaking a once dark sky
Vibrant and numerous upon a deep background
Far as you can possibly look
Stars never met before begin to make introductions
Inviting you to meet their families
Soft glints surround you in all directions
Luminously reminding you that they are there
Even when you return to the light polluted skies of home


As Transcribed from a Tattered Sheet of Notebook Paper

Fucking pen, you are distracting me
I have legitimate ideas oozing with merit and insight
You, goddamn pen are harshing my vibe
Interrupting my thought process
Causing irreparable damage to this obvious genius piece I am writing
Pen, this delay of my idea has cost great amounts of accolades 
With your unreliable ink flow you have destroyed this moment forever and forced my attention elsewhere
I hate you pen, goddamn it how I hate you


Mysterious Marfa Lights

Eerie little globes haunting the Texas prairie
It’s hard to explore the scientific explanation
The official diagnosis of atmospheric reflections
Your mind knows that nothing is there
But what are these shimmering balls of mystery
Ghastly phantasms haunting perception
Diving, colliding, silently vanishing and reappearing
Small star like glows shifting
Storied tales of their origin mystical in their purpose
A dichotomy of skeptical construct and magical poignancy  


Camping Trip

The RV was barely leveled and the vacation was in its’ infancy
Before the dogs were walked or the $47.50 dropped off at the office to pay for the week
My grandfather had already made a new friend
The two men quickly becoming familiar with one another
Careers were exchanged, birthplaces discussed, and hidden routes to take minutes off travel time
Debates about preferred fishing spots and lure styles
Thoughtful gossip about the price of fuel at the local CO-OP
Both would beam with pride when discussing the accomplishments of children and grandchildren
After the realization that twenty minutes had passed, invitations were exchanged for dinner that evening
With a parting handshake the two headed back to camp, eager to report their finding



There is something special about old houses
Dilapidated upon lonely highways
Ghosts haunting wistful plains
Snapshot memories of the past
Filled with shadows forgotten personalities
Recalling times long ago
Recollecting happy family meals and devastating heartache
The last remnant of lives lost to time
The final reminder of what was